Discover Top Business Schools at the 2022 Premier EMBA Fall Tour

Meet business schools and alumni in person and online.

Discover Top Business Schools at the 2022 Premier EMBA Fall Tour

With 2023 looming, it’s time for new resolutions. For those determined to make the next step in their careers, the Premier EMBA Tour offers a chance to find the business education programme that suits you best.

Here is an overview of how the 2022 Fall Tour can help you find the Executive MBA programme best positioned to inject fresh impetus into your career.

Connect with schools and alumni

So, what is the Premier EMBA Tour and who is it for? It’s a series of in-person and online events that enable experienced business professionals interested in gaining an MBA degree in executive-level and style programmes to meet business school representatives and alumni during small-group and One-to-One conversations. You will be able to explore a wide variety of top EMBA programmes and learn how the degree can help you to develop your leadership potential, acquire a fresh peer network and fulfil your career goals.

Premier EMBA enables you to choose the right Executive MBA programme. Conversations and networking sessions with alumni and representatives of top schools like Chicago Booth, London Business School, INSEAD, and more, ensure that you make an informed choice. The events also feature keynote speeches and alumni panels which give aspirants a more comprehensive picture of their options.

Having the opportunity to meet both alumni and EMBA admissions directors in one place gives you all the perspectives you need. Alumni will advise you on how the EMBA impacted their lifestyle and career since graduation. School representatives will provide details of the latest developments in the programmes. Thus, you can get a clear idea of what’s in it for you,” says Iliana Bobova, seasoned MBA and career coach and head of MBA consulting at Advent Group.

The Tour kicks off on 11 October in Amsterdam and wraps up on 1 December in Paris. You can view the schedule here.

Online and on-site

The Premier EMBA events are in-person or online. Please consult the schedule to check the availability and the format of events in your region.   


The on-site events offer a wide variety of advantages, like the opportunity for networking with like-minded professionals during the cocktail reception – the most prominent feature of Premier EMBA events. The organisers of the Premier EMBA Tour are cognisant of the importance of networking and spare no effort to create the best conditions possible for forging productive and lasting professional relationships.

Nothing beats in-person conversations with fellow professionals, business school representatives and alumni. One could even argue that prospective applicants have a better chance to make a positive impression and be remembered by admissions officers during on-site events, and thus gain an advantage in the application process.


Online events have their own benefits, too. For one, they are a time-saving alternative, eliminating the need to commute to a designated venue and allowing you to connect with alumni and representatives of business schools from anywhere in the world. Although the events are virtual, Premier EMBA’s online platform enables informal and meaningful live video conversations that participants find quite useful. Where else would you be able to have lively and insightful discussions with alumni from top EMBA programmes from the comfort of your home?  The 2022 Premier EMBA Fall Tour will feature only one online event, for residents of Europe on 27 October.  

Whatever the format, the Premier EMBA events are designed to guide you to the programme that matches your preferences and ambitions. Boryana Nikolova, who as product operations manager at Advent Group is in charge of the Premier EMBA events, sums it up: “The tour is a great opportunity for candidates because it allows for both networking and personal contact during our cocktail receptions. On the other hand, participants can take advantage of the more structured approach during the online events, which allows them to talk to business schools and alumni from a location convenient for them.”