Top 5 Career Development Articles on Premier EMBA in 2020

These are the articles prospective EMBA candidates read the most in 2020 as they reflected on their career development and prepared for major decisions. See how they can help you, too.

Top 5 Career Development Articles on Premier EMBA in 2020

What a year 2020 has been! Global travel was interrupted, while SpaceX launched astronauts into space. Traditional sectors like oil and gas struggled, while digitisation was triumphant everywhere. This year has intensified existing trends and opened up unforeseen challenges and opportunities in executives’ careers.

Amid all this, MBA degrees were in high demand. Schools around the world reported record numbers of applications. Executive MBA programmes, in particular, were on the rise, as executives recognised their value in providing the resilience and skills to navigate change. The Financial Times noted both the steady interest and the high ROI of an EMBA degree.

These are the Premier EMBA articles prospective EMBA candidates read the most in 2020 as they prepared for major decisions. See if they can help you, too.

#5. 11 Tips for Executive Networking with Business School Alumni

When considering an EMBA, it is important to make an informed decision.

What drives successful executives to go back to school, and what do they get out of the experience? What do alumni of different schools say about the programmes they joined?

Check out these tips on meeting EMBA alumni in person and online, and on using those conversations to find the right path for you. Talking to alumni can help you figure out at which school you would feel most at home and which programmes would be best suited to your personal values and goals.

#4. 3 Reasons to Get an Executive MBA

Results from a 2019 survey of EMBA graduates give a clear overview of what you will learn in an EMBA programme.

Even before Covid-19 hit, the alumni surveyed here highlighted that the EMBA made them more resilient and agile. They noted that an increase in their salary after graduation was a key advantage – but it was far from the only one.

Graduates shared that the hands-on training prepared them for a variety of unforeseen situations, and that collaborating with peers in different industries opened their eyes to new possibilities.

#3. Getting an EMBA During Covid-19: What You Need to Know

In 2020, EMBA programmes adapted to a new reality. From waived admission requirements to alternative plans for study abroad, this article outlines what you can expect.

As EMBA programmes were already highly personalised and flexible, the changes have not affected the core learning experience. An EMBA remains a unique journey for each candidate.

#2. Your Career Progression with an Executive MBA

If you are qualified to pursue an EMBA, you have already achieved notable success in your career path. This article shows how an EMBA takes you to the next level of leadership and impact.

The experience is a chance to build a global career while also getting deeper fulfilment by realising your personal values in your work.

#1. The Real Value of an EMBA

Experienced executives care about the bottom line, and this article is it. An EMBA maximises your personal development and your professional legacy. Learn how to thrive in an uncertain world with an EMBA.

It has been a turbulent year, and 2021 is set to be no less transformative. A prestigious EMBA programme can equip you for whatever change lies ahead.