ESADE Business School

Barcelona, Spain


Esade was born in 1958 as a global academic institution and it is known for the quality of its education, its international outlook, and its focus on holistic personal development. Esade has strong ties to the business world and it is structured as a Business School, a Law School and an Executive Education area. Do Good. Do Better is our claim and promise to build fairer and more prosperous societies through a focus on innovation and social commitment. This encompasses our reason to exist and our purpose. Your learning environment goes beyond the classroom. The Esade campus is home to a multicultural and multilingual community of international faculty, students, researchers and entrepreneurs. You’ll spend your time around diverse thinkers and doers who understand the power of working together. Esade has a vast reach, with partner schools and alumni on every continent. This global network is a constant source of new ways of thinking and keeps us directly connected to best practices from around the world.

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