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The University of Zurich (UZH) is consistently ranked within the top 100 universities in the world. We are Switzerland’s largest university with the most comprehensive programs in the country. As an internationally renowned institution, UZH is also part of a dynamic global network. From Beijing to Berkeley, and London to Tokyo, it has partnerships with over 500 institutions in some 100 countries. University of Zurich’s Executive MBA has both German and English General Management Programs, focusing both on Digital Transformation. The programs provides senior executives with a top education from one of the best business schools in Europe.

The Management of the Executive MBA of the University of Zurich examines the applications and ensures that the courses are suitably composed. Applicants will be invited for a personal interview and/or examination. The Executive Committee decides on the final admission. There is no entitlement to admission. In exceptional cases, applicants without a university first degree like Bachelor or Master may be admitted to the EMBA via an entrance examination. Requirements, Tuition Fee and Admission Requirements We welcome candidates from all different industries and functions. If you are looking to equip yourself with a solid general management foundation and the critical skills, mindset and leadership approach needed to thrive in a digital and disruptive future, this program is for you. University Degree Candidates require a university first degree or a first degree from a university of applied sciences (minimum Bachelor or equivalent). In exceptional cases, candidates without one of these degrees can be admitted. These candidates must demonstrate significant professional achievements and have to pass a business case based admission test.

Leadership and Professional Experience Candidates need to have a minimum of five years of work experience and at least 3 years of leadership experience before commencing the Executive MBA, as they will require a certain level of influence within their organizations to implement their projects and knowledge learned in the program.

Executive MBA, Focus 2024-2026: Digital Transformation, English: 6-day Modules once per month (Mon.- Sat.). Please click here for the brochure:

Executive MBA, Fokus 2024-2026: Digitale Transformation, English / German: 3-day Modules every two weeks (Thu.-Sat.). Please click here for the brochure:

English Level

Executive MBA, Focus 2024-2026: Digital Transformation, English: Good knowledge of English is essential

Executive MBA, Fokus 2024-2026: Digitale Transformation, English / German: Good knowledge of German and English is essential

Admission Process Start your application at

To complete the application, you will need the following documents: A copy of your resume/curriculum vitae (CV) Your current job description Copies of all degrees and training certificates Passport photo and a copy of the passport/ID Company reference Application fee of CHF 300 (non-refundable) Selected applicants will be invited to an Admissions Interview. Notifications of acceptance will be sent no later than one month after each submission deadline.

Tuition Fee and Early Enrollment Incentives 75,000 CHF Early Enrollment Incentives – Applications until the end of December 2023: CHF 15,000 – Applications until the end of February 2024: CHF 10,000 – Applications until the end of April 2024: CHF 5,000 – Applications until the end of May 2024: CHF 3,000

The invoice for your first payment will be sent following written confirmation of admission. The payments are due as follows: CHF 10,000 30 days after receipt of the confirmation of admission CHF 20,000 on 30 November 2024 CHF 25,000 on 31 May 2025 CHF 20,000 on 20 January 2026 Upon receiving confirmation of admission, candidates have 10 days to withdraw from the program at no expense.

After this deadline, the entire tuition fee is owed. If a candidate withdraws at a later date, tuition fees are owed in full. Flight and accommodation costs for learning expeditions are not included. Scholarships up to 10,000 CHF Scholarships are available to recognize “Women in Leadership”, “Entrepreneurs and Digital Disruptors”, and “Leaders in Non-profit Organizations”. To apply for a scholarship, please submit a scholarship application with no more than 500 words and describe the following: Your leadership experience How the Executive MBA UZH will support your leadership journey or future career Your reasons for seeking financial assistance Insurance Participants are responsible for obtaining their own insurance (accident, travel, cancellation insurance, etc.). Further information is available via



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Executive MBA, Fokus 2024-2026: Digitale Transformation, Deutsch/Englisch
Die berufsbegleitenden Executive MBA-Programme der Universität Zürich bieten höheren Führungskräften aus Wirtschaft und Verwaltung in 15 Monaten eine General Management-Weiterbildung, welche sich optimal mit den beruflichen Verpflichtungen vereinbaren lässt. Das deutsche Programm mit Fokus auf Digitale Transformation besteht aus 3-tägigen Modulen alle 2 Wochen in Zürich und Studienaufenthalten an der Yale University (USA) und in Tel Aviv (Israel). Das englische Programm mit Fokus Digitale Transformation besteht aus 6-tägigen Modulen alle 4 Wochen in Zürich und Learning Expeditions in den USA und Israel.
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Zurich, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Switzerland
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Executive MBA, Focus 2024-2026: Digital Transformation, English
The Executive MBA programs of the University of Zurich are designed to be studied alongside your work commitments. They offer senior managers from business and administration a general management training course in 15 months, with 2 thematic orientations. The Executive MBA in General Management with a focus on Digital Transformation consists of 6-day modules every 4 weeks in Zurich and Learning Expeditions in the USA, Israel, China and Switzerland and is being taught in English.
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Zurich, Switzerland + 3 more
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