IE is an innovative institution that makes an impact. We prepare students for the world today and the world of tomorrow, providing them with the relevant knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

IE offers a technology-based learning ecosystem, training the leaders of tomorrow to make positive change through innovation, a global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a unique focus on the humanities.

IE Business School is one of the world's leading higher education institutions. A pioneer in business education, IE educates tomorrow's business leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit that is inherent throughout our institution. Created in 1973 by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Although IE's MBAs are offered in both full-time and part-time formats that cater to different profiles, they are equally committed to entrepreneurship, diversity, sustainability, and innovation. The MBA programs, including the International MBA, Tech MBA, Global Online MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA, and IE Brown Executive MBA. They have been met with worldwide acclaim, and feature highly in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Forbes, FT, and Economist business school rankings.

The IE campus is located in the city centre of Madrid and allows students the opportunity to experience everything this great city has to offer. Madrid boasts a long list of museums, parks, palaces, diverse architecture, and great nightlife. It is a modern, friendly and welcoming city. In addition, with more than 160 nationalities represented on campus at any given time, the IE Experience is a truly international one.

Full time:
International MBA
Tech MBA
Dual Degree with International MBA

Global Online MBA
Executive MBA
Global Executive MBA
IE Brown Executive MBA

International MBA
Duration: 11 months
Intake: September & January
Format: Full time

An 11-month journey of immersion balancing real-world connections and hands-on learning with the resources and accessibility you expect in this complex, globalized and digital world. Offering up to 50% of the program customised to your interests and goals. Act on your ideas and get support and guidance on your career aspirations and essential skills for tomorrow’s leaders. The International MBA is designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs with a minimum of 3 years of work experience, who want to develop their expertise, improve their management skills and boost their careers and leadership abilities.

This program stimulates the enhanced vision, entrepreneurial mind-set and strategic skills needed to drive innovation and succeed in today’s disruptive business world. It is customizable, fully- immersive and uses our experiential learning methodologies to create truly transformational leaders that want to design and build an international career. This is your opportunity to reinvent the world around you. To reconceive boundaries and set your own rules to truly have an impact.

Tech MBA

Duration: 1 year
Intake: September
Format: Full time

A unique, cutting-edge program designed to provide a learning journey in the areas of technology, management and transformational leadership, creating professionals who can adapt to the fast and continuous pace of technological evolution.

A one-year program based in Madrid, designed for professionals that want to develop their career in the technology sector or in tech-centric job roles who want to become fluent in the language of business and technology, building a career that leverages their enhanced tech vision and strategic skills to succeed in the business of the future.


Dual Degree with International MBA
The art of general management is a staple in the business world and its benefits speak for themselves. By taking this skillset powerhouse and combining it with what you are interested in, you are effectively drawing your own line between two facets of business life – a line you can then walk down, dealing with field-specific issues as well as being a person of note in the modern workplace. In fields such as law, politics as well as finance, to name a few, this broadly skilled profile is in high demand.

With the breadth of knowledge that comes from having two degrees, you will be able to lead the way in modern business, demonstrating an ability to juggle multiple lines of thinking as well as becoming a 21st-century problem-solver. With all this, you will have the ability to take your future profession to new junctures, as you will not only be an expert in your own specific field but also in how to deal with clients and in company politics.

Global Online MBA

Duration: 17 or 24 months
Location: Online + Madrid or 100% online
Intake: September & February

Top-ranked in both the QS and Financial Times rankings, the Global Online MBA allows you to explore business foundations in a flexible, customizable and highly interactive learning environment. With over 20 years’ experience in the Blended Methodology, we’ve managed to hone the most innovative, educational experience out there—creating an unparalleled environment that seamlessly flows between virtual and in-person learning.

As the world constantly changes, it’s more essential than ever to find an MBA that is flexible and customizable—one that allows you to take your learning experience into your own hands. With a program that puts you in the driver’s seat, you can tailor your educational experience to fit the needs of your busy schedule. We give you the opportunity to fully personalize both the duration and format of your degree with the option of completing the program in 17 or 24 months, or completely online. Select your electives depending on your interests and professional ambitions while accessing our pioneering content from anywhere across the globe. Discover the potential the digital world has to offer and get prepared to disrupt traditional business models while inspiring lasting change. We welcome international trendsetters from any role, sector or professional background, eager to disrupt the status quo and rewrite the rules of business in an era of constant transformation.

Executive MBA

Duration: 15 months
Location: Online + Madrid
Intake: September & March

The IE Executive MBA empowers you to hone your leadership skills and sharpen your business insights as you prepare to tackle today’s quickly changing business environment. Gain globalized insights for driving long-term success in today’s competitive business landscape. What’s more, our Blended Methodology means that you’ll have the flexibility to capitalize on high-impact interactive group work, case studies and discussions. Learn from top-tier academics and immediately apply invaluable insights to your day-to-day work.

You’ve already shown yourself to be an experienced industry leader. Now is the time to take those skills to the next level with the Executive MBA. This program is available in English, Spanish or a combination of the two—a bilingual optional track.

Global Executive MBA

Duration: 15 months
Location: Online, Madrid, London, Singapore & Los Angeles
Intake: October

To become a leader of change, you need to develop innovative perspectives that go beyond the traditional MBA.

IE’s Global Executive MBA is an international, top-ranked program for global business leaders. Our five face-to-face residential weeks span three continents—America, Europe and Asia—providing our students with valuable and actionable insights on today’s most important economic regions. This first-hand experience alongside interactive online classes will give you a truly global vision of the modern business world.

Our prestigious partner institutions, UCLA, SMU and the Center for the Governance of Change join forces with our own top-tier faculty to challenge your global strategy capabilities and equip you with the tools for C-suite success.

The Global Executive MBA turns proven experience into continued success. Its Blended Methodology combines interactive online periods with face-to-face classes around the world, allowing well-established professionals to participate in this intensive 15-month program. Our students can easily incorporate program learnings into their daily business practices, immediately influencing their own work environment. Your company needs change—let it begin with you.

IE Brown Executive MBA

Duration: 15 months
Location: Madrid, Providence, Cape Town + Online
Intake: March

Two powerful institutions, one unique experience that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional business education. The IE Brown Executive MBA provides a platform for reflective leaders to be more global in their outlook, more innovative in their thinking and more informed in their decision-making.

Designed for executives who seek to inspire those around them and disrupt the future of business, our program develops strategic leaders equipped with a broad vision and the ability to innovate in a complex and evolving business climate. Structured for professionals, our program blends interactive online learning with in-person sessions so you can earn an EMBA and build the network and skills vital for advancing your business in real-time — without interrupting your career.  


International student body: Over 160 nationalities on campus. 
65% Men, 35% Women (varies depending on the program)
Scholarships/ Financial aid are available to all IE students. For more information visit

Our admissions process consists of four main steps:

1. Submit the on-line application.

2. The admissions test: GMAT, GRE or IE Global Admissions Test

3. The KIRA assessment: Answer three live questions, two in video format and one in written format.

4. The personal interview

International MBA 72,200€
Tech MBA 72,200€
Global Online MBA 51,200€
Executive MBA 61,200€
Global Executive MBA 81,200€
IE Brown Executive MBA $135,000

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