Taking your next step with an Anderson Executive MBA could be the most important step you’ve ever taken. The Anderson EMBA is designed to produce emotionally intelligent leaders with a global perspective. Your classmates are C-level executives, directors, consultants and entrepreneurs from every major industry. Instruction from world-class faculty, rare opportunities to immerse yourself in international experiences, a worldwide network of successful alumni, and practical training bring into focus your future in business.

Programme Info

Executive MBA: 22-month program

Schedule Options:

Bi-Weekly Schedule

  • Classes meet for weekends on campus every other week, Friday starting at 4pm – Saturday until 5pm
  • Students typically enroll in 2-3 classes per quarter
  • Meals and some lodging (see below) are included in tuition

Monthly Schedule

  • Classes meet for weekends on campus once per month, Friday starting at 4pm – Saturday until 5pm
  • Each class blends 50% online instruction with in-person class sessions
  • Students typically enroll in 2-3 classes per quarter
  • All lodging and meals are included in tuition

UCLA-NUS: 15 month program

Two degrees – UCLA Anderson and National University of Singapore

Schedule: 2 week modules each in Singapore (May 2018), Los Angeles (August 2018), Shanghai/Shenzhen (November 2018), Bangalore & New Delhi (February 2019), Singapore (May 2019), Los Angeles (August 2019).




Student Body

  • Class Size – 100
  • Female: 33%
  • Age range: 30 - 53
  • Age Average: 38

Geographical Data:

  • From LA: 55%
  • OC: 13%
  • SD: 13%
  • Bay Area: 7%
  • Out of state: 9%, MA, MD, NJ, NY, TX, WA
  • Students from outside the USA: 1 – Yerevan Armenia
  • Born outside of USA: 48%


  • Avg. GPA: 3.4
  • % Hold Advanced Degrees: 40%
  • Advanced Degrees, # of Master, MD, PhD, DDS:
  • 30% of class holds Masters
  • 5% of class holds PhD
  • 4% of class holds MD
  • 3% of class holds other doctorates


  • Average career length:14
  • Management length: 9
  • Military active Duty, Reservists, and Vets: 15.58%
  • Industries: No industry exceeds 15% of the class (use same industries as the Class of 2016 PDF add Aerospace, take out beauty)

9% Accounting/Finance, 3% Architecture, 20% Biology/Chemistry/Science, 15% Business Economics, 3% Computer Science, 27% Engineering, 17% Social Science, 5% Mathematics , 1% Marketing


The UCLA Anderson EMBA program places you in a learning environment among peers driving the future of business.The application process ensures we find not only the best students, but also the most diverse group who fit hand-in-glove with our Think in the Next motto. EMBA is the only MBA program that requires management (people, projects, teams, money, and/or data) experience. Learn with other managers moving to a higher level of leadership. The following components are considered in the admissions process: Online application, academic record (4-year bachelor's degree or equivalent), test scores (GMAT, GRE, EA or waiver), professional work experience, recommendations, essay, TOEFL/IELTS and interview.


$74,235 per year for the 2-year program with an estimate of 2%-5% increase each year

$112,940 for entire 15-month program


UCLA Anderson School of Management
EMBA Admissions
110 Westwood Plaza, Collins Center, Suite A105
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481

Telephone: 310-825-2032