At IMD, we develop leaders who transform organizations and contribute to society. We are an independent academic institution with Swiss roots and global reach, established by business leaders for business leaders.

Led by an expert and diverse faculty, we deliver Real Learning Real Impact through a unique combination of teaching, research, coaching and organizational development activities. Challenging what is and inspiring what could be, we are the trusted learning partner of choice for ambitious individuals and organizations.

Based in Lausanne (Switzerland) and Singapore, IMD has been ranked in the top five for executive education worldwide for 15 years and in the top three for the last eight years (Financial Times). IMD is the only Swiss business school and one of less than a hundred globally to hold the coveted “triple crown” of accreditations from AACSBEFMD EQUIS and AMBA, the gold standard for global best practice.

IMD has also stepped up its action and measurement efforts in the area of sustainability in recent years. EcoVadis announced the business school’s silver rating for 2019, showing a clear year-on-year progression.

Key points of the school/programs(s):

  • IMD is an independent business school, with Swiss roots and global reach, expert in developing leaders and transforming organizations to create ongoing impact.

    For the last 8 consecutive years, IMD has been ranked TOP 3 in executive education worldwide – FIRST in open programs (Financial Times 2012-2019).

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Programme Info

Type of Course: 

• PT Multi-modular Executive MBA (EMBA)



Ranking: Economist EMBA Ranking 2018: No 1 on Career Progression and 5th worldwide, Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2019: 20th worldwide: International Faculty #1, International Students #5, Work Experience #4, Faculty with PhD (100%)

Starting Dates:
Foundation Stage of EMBA (Step 1) Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL) Starting dates in 2020 leading to the three Mastery Stages starting in 2020 and later:

  • Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL) 1: January 26 - February 14 - (started)
  • Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL) 2: March 15 - April 03
  • Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL) 3: April 26 - May 15
  • Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL) 4: August 16 - September 04
  • Foundations for Business Leadership (FBL) 5: November 01 – 20

Foundation Stage of EMBA (Step 2) Advanced Management Concepts (AMC) - 5 weeks online distance learning module: Starting dates in 2020

       •  Advanced Management Concepts (AMC) I: January 06 - February 10 (started)

       •   Advanced Management Concepts (AMC) II: March 16 - April 20

       •   Advanced Management Concepts (AMC) III: June 01 - July 06

  • Advanced Management Concepts (AMC) IV: January 06 - February 10

Mastery Stage of EMBA (Step 3) (3 intakes per year) Starting dates in 2020:

- EMBA Mastery Stage 1: March 17, 2020 – April 16, 2021 – Fully Booked (waiting list available)

- EMBA Mastery Stage 2: August 18, 2020 – Sep 10, 2021 – Fully Booked (waiting list available)

- EMBA Mastery Stage 3: November 24, 2020 – December 06, 2021

Length of Course:

• Part Time: from 15 to 24 months (flexible – even longer time-frame is possible)

Application Deadlines:

Rolling: 30 days prior to a Foundation Stage Module 1 (Foundations for Business Leadership - FBL) starting date above or as early as possible due to classes filling early in advance 

Student Body

Ratio of applicants to places: 1:1 (due to pre-assessment prior to encouraging applications to be submitted formally)
Number of nationalities: 31

Percentage of international students:  87%

The Account Countries of our EMBA June 2019 Graduating class (n=64) are divided as follows:

Africa - 1.56%

Asia  -  7.81%

Central & Eastern Europe - 10.93%

Northern Europe - 14.06%

North America  - 3.12%

Near & Middle East - 4.68%

Western Europe - 57.81%


Men/Women Ratio: Example: 75:25
Age Range: Example: 35 - 55
Average Age: Example: 41

Length of Work Experience:

Average: 16 years

Minimum:  10 years



Admission to the IMD Executive MBA program is based upon the following 6 main criteria:

1. Professional achievement: Career progression, with a strong preference for international experience and responsibility. We look at how your responsibility has increased, the breadth and depth of the knowledge you have acquired in the workplace, and the impact you have made on your organization.

2. Leadership potential: Are you an effective leader? Do you have what it takes to become one? We look for vision, courage, initiative, maturity, curiosity and self-confidence.

3. Intellectual ability: Undergraduate university degree or equivalent. The GMAT or other aptitude tests are not required for admissions. Entry into the Mastery Stage of the program is dependent on the assessment taking place at the end of Advanced Management Concepts.

4. International outlook: In order to maintain the highest international outlook of the IMD Executive MBA program, we look for candidates with cultural sensitivity, time spent living or working outside own country, international scope of career, and/or knowledge of foreign languages.

5. Support of your company: The IMD Executive MBA program requires a serious commitment from you and your sponsoring organization, which must be willing to become a "laboratory" for your learning. The financial support of your organization is a matter to be resolved between you and your company.

6. English language proficiency: ​English is the language of instruction. You must have a strong command of both written and spoken English.

Second Language: *For English native speaking applicants, attainment of a foreign language, to a B1 reference level, is required to graduate. Certificate of Attainment must be provided to the Executive MBA Admissions Committee by the end of the Executive MBA Mastery Stage. Details on CEFRL; Reference Level B1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFRL) or an equivalent guideline/scale results are accepted

GMAT: Not required. IMD applies 4 proprietary in-program tests instead of the GMAT test

Optional additional information:

1 x Sponsor’s Letter of Recommendation plus 2 x Personal Letters of Recommendation

3 x Essays 

Certified copies of Tertiary Education Diploma with Transcripts in English, French or German


Application fee: CHF 200.00

Tuition fees (in Swiss Franc (CHF)):

Total of CHF 115’000 with instalments per module of CHF 25’000 + CHF 15’000 + CHF 10’000 + CHF 65’000 = CHF 115’000 excluding travel or accommodations. Flexible payment schemes are available for the Mastery Stage fee.

Applications received before 01 May 2020 benefit from a lower (current), pre- fee increase fee of CHF 105,000.

Travel and accommodation estimated cost is estimated at between CHF 15'000 - 25’000 (Depending on the category of travel and accommodation for the core on-campus residential modules and discovery expedition trips)


IMD business school

Adreess: Chemin de Bellerive 23, P.O. Box 915, Lausanne CH-1001, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 21 618 0702


Name of a specific person whom the candidates can contact:
EMBA Admissions Manager: Viktor