A transformational global learning journey, anchored in China

CEIBS Global EMBA is a top-ranked (no. 2 globally), part-time program that balances China Depth and Global Breadth for high-achieving business leaders who want to take their career and personal development to the next level. With modules available in 11 cities worldwide, a diverse student body drawn from more than 20 countries, and two integrated cohorts running between China, Europe and Africa, CEIBS Global EMBA provides unparalleled opportunities for participants to expand their global network, while plugging themselves into China's largest business school alumni network.

CEIBS Global EMBA program is designed for high-potential, upper-level executives and entrepreneurs to advance their careers by deeply enriching and developing their leadership skills and analytical capabilities.

CEIBS Global EMBA, ranked 2nd in the world, is a part-time programme that balances China Depth and Global Breadth for high-achieving business leaders who want to take their career and personal development to the next level.  CEIBS Global EMBA provides unparalleled opportunities for participants to expand their global network, while plugging into China’s largest business school alumni network.

The sheer magnitude of the Chinese manufacturing sector, China’s action, output, and overall prosperity during the COVID-19 pandemic has predictably caused ripples throughout the global supply chain. At the beginning of 2021, 40% of the overall Chinese supply chain experienced some form of disruption. (Mueller, Sean. “The China Equation: How One Country's Supply Chain Affects All Others.” Symbia Logistics, 22 Oct. 2021, https://www.symbia.com/resources/china-equation-countrys-supply-chain-affects-all-others/). This disruption also affected the rest of the world. Despite that fact, China saw one of its most profitable quarters during that time.  

Relations between China and the world will stay important in the future. Professionals and executives with business experience and networks in China will be in increasingly high demand. Adding China to your CV will provide you with an edge professionally, whatever your chosen field is. 

The CEIBS Global EMBA is a rigorous academic programme designed for experienced executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to broaden their functional skills as well as their ability to think strategically. 

It is a dynamic and multi-faceted programme, underpinned by four pillars:


The programme opens with a week-long module that focuses exclusively on developing your leadership capabilities. You will be assigned an executive coach who works with you throughout the module to help you discover your own leadership style. With this foundation in place, you can develop your leadership capabilities further through the Organisational Behaviour module; the mid-programme Leadership module; leadership electives; and the comprehensive reflection sessions that take place during the programme's Exit Module.


Today’s executives need to be able to think strategically across multiple business functions and processes to bring the greatest benefit to their organisation. That’s why the Global EMBA curriculum is designed to give students a firm grasp of business fundamentals and a holistic mindset based on the latest developments in the functional areas of Organisational Behaviour, Operations Management, Marketing, Financial Reporting, Managerial Accounting, and Corporate Finance.


The programme will raise your business acumen and overall strategic capabilities through dynamic modules, including: Strategic Management and an interactive Strategic Simulation. These modules will show you how to tie the various business functions together successfully. You will also work on a 10-month-long Capstone Project in teams of 4-6 classmates, where you will all apply your classroom learning to a genuine strategic issue faced by a real organisation. This will give you the chance to test what you’ve learned in a wholly practical, relevant, real-life business context.


To help you excel in the global arena, you will have the opportunity to experience the ever-evolving global business environment first-hand. Choose from 8 Global Elective modules delivered in 8 countries spanning 5 continents.  



All students accepted into the CEIBS Global EMBA programme are experienced executives and entrepreneurs eager to share their knowledge, experience and perspectives with others. They are eager to augment their existing leadership capabilities, and they typically demonstrate an international outlook through sharing their cross-cultural experiences. 

With more than 26,000 alumni, CEIBS is a gateway granting access to an array of prominent business networks in China and beyond. Over 60% of Global EMBA alumni occupy positions at the top level of the corporate structure (Chairpersons of the board, Presidents, CEOs, and General Managers), while many are top executives of major multinational companies in key industries. Review a more detailed breakdown of the CEIBS alumni network here.


Make an Application



To be considered for a place in a Global EMBA class at CEIBS, applicants must have:

Global Mindset
A global perspective and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Academic Ability
Undergraduate university degree or above;
Strong command of both written and spoken English.

Ability to Contribute
Open-mindedness and an enthusiasm for learning;
Willingness to contribute in the classroom environment.

Management Experience
Minimum of 10 years’ work experience with 7 years in managerial positions
(You are welcome to contact us for an assessment of your experience.)

Supportive Platform 
A highly committed organisation that allows you to attend classes; financial sponsorship by your company is not obligatory.

Leadership Potential 
Maturity, initiative, strategic vision and a consistent career progression that demonstrates potential for continued growth and leadership roles in the future.


The dates of the four Admissions Rounds below should be used to help plan and compose your application.

admission rounds 2022


You may wish to make an appointment to sit in on a class or meet with current CEIBS Global EMBA students and/or alumni to get a better sense of the programme before you apply. Contact wmarianne@ceibs.edu for more information. 

You may start the online application process whenever you wish, using the CEIBS Global EMBA online application system. However, as admission to the programme is competitive, applications that are submitted during the final admission round tend to be assessed against a much larger and more competitive pool of candidates, therefore we encourage you to apply as early as possible, to ensure your best chance of admission.

  • Application Form (Apply online)
  • Two Recommendation Letters 
  • Organisational Chart
  • Organisation Sponsorship Letter
  • Company Brochure
  • Copy of Education Degrees or Official Transcripts of Grades and Degrees
  • Application fee: RMB 1,000


After you submit your completed application, the CEIBS Global EMBA office will arrange an interview for you. The interview date will be within two weeks of the application round deadline.

The Admission Interview will last for up to one hour, and will be conducted by two interviewers simultaneously. The interviewers could be Global EMBA alumni, CEIBS professors, or senior Admissions staff. The interview will usually be conducted on the CEIBS Shanghai campus, but if you prefer an interview via Skype/Zoom/etc due to your location, this can also be arranged.


Candidates are required to take the Executive Assessment exam. The Executive Assessment is specifically designed to evaluate the business school readiness of seasoned professionals across all industries. The assessment focuses on skills that are critical both at work and in an EMBA programme: higher order reasoning, critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving. The test is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), creators of the GMAT® exam. You can learn more about the Executive Assessment by visiting gmac.com/ea. The exam can be taken at any of GMAC’s 600+ testing centres around the world.

The Executive Assessment has three sections, each of which is strictly 30 minutes long: Integrated Reasoning; Verbal Reasoning; and Quantitative Reasoning. In the exam itself, the order in which the sections are tested is random.

You can download a brief introduction of the Executive Assessment to learn more. 

If you are based in the Chinese mainland, please be noted that given the COVID-19 situation in China, especially in cities like Shanghai, GMAC has been required to close its test centers. We will closely monitor any developments, and will update you in a timely manner if there are any further changes. Please feel free to contact the Global EMBA office if you have any questions.

If you are based outside of the Chinese mainland, we encourage you to choose the online option of the Executive Assessment. 

(GMAT will still be acceptable for admission to the CEIBS Global EMBA programme, but prospective applicants are urged to take the Executive Assessment where possible).


An admission decision will be made within two weeks of you completing the application process. The Admissions Committee will make an overall assessment of your candidacy after reviewing your application materials, your Executive Assessment score and interview result. Candidates should always be aware that they are being assessed within the context of a large, high-profile, and extremely talented pool of applicants.

The CEIBS Global EMBA office will keep all the application files for two years after your application submission. If your application is unsuccessful and would like to reapply, please contact the CEIBS Global EMBA Office by telephone at +8621-28905699. We will keep you informed of all relevant re-application details.

The tuition fee for the Global EMBA 2022 intake is USD 115,000.

The tuition fee covers:

  • Tuition for the full duration of the 20-month programme
  • All main textbooks and other teaching materials (Any supplementary costs will be outlined prior to their distribution.)
  • Access to the school library, computer resources and other school facilities
  • Lunches and coffee breaks during all modules
  • Accommodation and meals during the two residential modules (entry and exit) at CEIBS
  • Access to Global EMBA-organised forums and lecture series

Payment Schedule

The Global EMBA tuition fee can be paid in instalments.

Admitted students in Round 1 and 2 are required to pay 10% of the total tuition within 3 weeks after receiving the admission result, and 50% by 15 August, 2022. Admitted students in Round 3 and 4 are required to pay 60% within 3 weeks after receiving the admission result. All students are required to pay the final 40% in the second year of the programme.

Please note: After registration, those who drop out of CEIBS for personal reasons, or are expelled for disciplinary reasons, do not qualify for a refund of their tuition fees.


The CEIBS Global EMBA programme design is based on the full-time MBA programme format, but is tailored in its curriculum, methodology and schedule to meet the needs of senior executives. The programme allows you to pursue an MBA degree without interrupting your career, while also allowing you to contribute to your employers' organisation. The programme design will allow you to synthesise work experience with academic studies, enhancing your performance in both arenas. Currently, 40-50% of CEIBS Global EMBA students are sponsored or partly sponsored by their employers.

Benefits to participants' employers

  • Invest in the future of your organisation by developing and retaining future business leaders
  • Consistently bring innovative ideas and practices back to your organisation
  • Upgrade networks and partnering opportunities with leading companies in your industry and other relevant sectors.




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