In a global and constantly changing environment, business leaders must be equipped with extremely broad skills. They must be able to adopt both global and local perspectives, capable of dealing with complexity and change, and skilled at leading innovation. They must be able to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders in order to generate a shared vision and enthusiasm for their firms’ activities. By delivering solid business training and encouraging independent thought, team collaboration and open communication, CEIBS provides its graduates with the essential tools for success in many career paths.

Your Journey
The 64-credit full-time programme consists of compulsory courses totalling 33 credits and elective courses totalling 31 credits. The programme is designed to lay a solid foundation of management fundamentals while providing the flexibility of tailored programmes to fit individual interests and career ambitions. Students can choose to focus on general business management, or select one of four concentrations in Finance, Marketing, Digital Business or Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, students are required to gain international experience either through the school's impressive international exchange programme, one of three coordinated degree programmes and/or one of five overseas electives. 


Programme Info

Type of Course: 
The CEIBS MBA 16 or 12-month, full-time program

accredited by AASCB and EQUIS

Ranked #1 in Asia by the Financial Times for six consecutive years, CEIBS’ MBA programme offers a truly global perspective.

Starting Dates:
October 2023 and October 2024

Application Deadlines:

Other Program information: China Focus

One of CEIBS’ most significant features is its clear China focus, encapsulated in our positioning statement: "China Depth, Global Breadth”. CEIBS teaches the most advanced international business theories while attaching great importance to the practical application of these skills in China.

Basic Chinese language competency is compulsory for foreign students in order to improve their marketability in China’s dramatically growing economy. Those who do not speak Chinese when applying for admission will be recommended to attend a Chinese language course in the summer before MBA classes begin. Chinese language courses of different levels will be offered for foreign students during the first year of the program.

Once classes are underway, many of the cases discussed in core courses and electives are taken from CEIBS’ own pool of China-specific cases written by faculty and staff of the Case Development Centre. In addition, the school dedicates significant resources to staging the 'China Discovery Series' each year – an intensive elective series that aims to deepen students’ understanding of China’s business environment and offers an opportunity to analyse perspectives on China’s history, international relations and economic development. 

Given the dynamic business environment developing outside the walls of campus, the school brings students closer to the opportunities and challenges through initiatives such as the ‘Integrated China Strategy Project'China modules and Real Situational Learning Method, ensuring both a rigorous and experiential business education is provided.

Global Reach

Although teaching methods vary by subject, lectures and case studies come alive thanks to our professors' extensive experience in the business world. Many cases are selected from top schools such as Harvard, IMD, etc. and taught by a faculty base with approximately 1/3 originating from Europe, 1/3 from the USA and 1/3 from China.  

A series of five overseas electives, each with a unique industry focus, is also arranged in order to broaden students’ global perspectives through lectures, company visits and cultural exploration. 

Flexibility and Choice

CEIBS' current MBA curriculum gives you the flexibility to personally tailor the second year of your studies. In the autumn of Year Two, you can choose to go on international exchange or stay at CEIBS to study with a large number of inbound students from the world’s top business schools.  The length of the MBA is 16 months, but an intensive 12 month option is also available to those who will return to their family business, sponsor company or plan to start their own venture after graduation.


Student Body

The CEIBS MBA Participants Profile:

  • Average Years of Work Experience: 5.7 
  • Countries / Regions Represented: 20
  • International Participants: 32 %
  • Female Participants: 47.2 %

Number of nationalities:

Percentage of international students: 32 %

  • Asia Pacific and Oceania 9.9 % 
  • Africa 0.4 %
  • Europe 8.4 % 
  • Latin America 0.9 % 
  • North America 9.4 %
  • Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau 3.0 %


Application Rounds & Deadlines

Application for entry into the 2023 intake (MBA class of 2025) is based on a 'round' admission system. Applicants need to make sure that all necessary documents are submitted to the MBA Admissions Office before the application deadline. The MBA Admissions Office will process an application only when it is completed. The final application deadline for admission is May 17, 2023. As the programme is highly competitive, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible. The application rounds and deadlines are listed below.


Each applicant is required to answer essay questions which are included in the online application form, to demonstrate your potential as a qualified MBA student. Those who have applied previously are also required to submit updated essays as well as the online application form.


An offer of admissions to the CEIBS MBA programme requires an interview. After receipt of a complete application package, the MBA Admissions Office will review all information provided and will short-list applicants for interviews. Applicants can choose their interview location, except in special cases. The interview panel will be comprised of CEIBS faculty, department directors, alumni, and admissions managers. In most cases, applicants will be interviewed by two interviewers. Each interview is approximately 30 minutes, conducted in English.

A face-to-face interview is required for all applicants who are residing in mainland China. However, for those applicants who are working or studying outside of mainland China, CEIBS may permit interviews through other arrangements such as videoconference or telephones.

Application Checklist

All application documents may be submitted online. A completed application includes:

  • MBA application form
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • University degree and certificate
  • University transcript
  • ID or passport
  • Application fee receipt
  • Official GMAT/GRE score report
  • Business card
  • Corporate sponsor statement (if applicable)

In case of questions please contact 
You can start your application here



Selection & Decision


Selection Criteria

The Admissions Committee will take a holistic review of the applicant's academic record; response to essay questions; work experience; recommendation letters; test scores (such as GMAT, GRE or CEIBS Admissions Test); and the interview performance in order to comprehensively assess each applicant's overall suitability for MBA study at CEIBS.






Admission Decisions

Admission to the CEIBS MBA programme

We offer clear admission to highly qualified candidates.

Conditional Admission

We offer conditional admission to candidates who clearly demonstrate significant potential for success both within the CEIBS MBA programme and post MBA, but who we feel need additional preparation before beginning the CEIBS MBA programme. Conditional admission is typically based on the need for strengthening the analytical background or improving English communications skills.

Waiting List

If you are placed on the waiting list, you can expect to remain on it until the following round of decisions are released. There is no rank to the waiting list, and no feedback is provided to candidates while they remain on it.

Denied Admission

If you fail to meet the admission requirement of CEIBS MBA Programme, we encourage you to reapply in the next academic year.

Deferral Policy

Applicants who have been offered a place in the CEIBS MBA Programme but must defer their study due to circumstances beyond their control, may do so by submitting a formal request (written or via email) to the MBA Admissions Office. Your request will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and the decision will be sent by email. You are required to pay the appropriate deposit to secure your seat in the programme. Your seat will be re-offered during the admission cycle in the next academic year. The offer of scholarship will not be automatically granted for deferred applicants.

If you choose to withdraw after deferring, CEIBS reserves the right to retain your deposit.

Please note that the School policy is to grant no more than one deferral.


If you have submitted an application to CEIBS which was not successful, we encourage you to reapply for the next academic year. In any given year, 5~10 percent of CEIBS' applicant pool are re-applicants.

You will find detailed instructions for re-application in the Online Application System



Application fee: (Non-refundable)

  • Chinese (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) applicant: RMB 1,000
  • International applicant: USD 180 or RMB 1,000

Tuition fees:

The tuition fee for the 16-month MBA 2025 programme is RMB 468,000. 

Students who have successfully received Student Loans are required to pay, upon registration, the part of the tuition not covered by the loan. Students without Student Loan are required to pay 70% of the entire tuition fee upon registration and the remaining 30% should be paid no later than 1 week before the end of Term 4.

Tuition fee covers:

  • Tuition
  • Teaching materials (excluding textbooks)
  • Use of Internet resources through the campus network
  • Access to the school's databases which are open to MBA students

Estimate for accommodation/living costs, insurance:
n.a. because  individual, Depending on participants' preferences

Students can choose to live on or off campus. On CEIBS campus, there are four student dormitory buildings. Each room is equipped with telephone, air-conditioning, bathroom, computer network connection, and satellite TV hook-up. Dormitory Fee is RMB 3,000 per month. (single room, including charges for water, electricity, air conditioning and wifi)


Name: Marianne Wiesli, Head of Sales and Marketing Europe 
Telephone: +41 44 728 99 80
Website: and